About Us

Michael PizziI’ve been performing since the age of 6 when my first grade teacher, for the holiday concert, asked me to sing “Edelweiss” from a new movie that had just come out ! Creating and producing new shows to entertain others has been very meaningful to me. However, being philanthropic with our shows is more important. We donate a percentage of ALL ticket sales of every show we do to local food pantries in order to help any community in which we perform.

Please contact us for any of our shows listed on this site. Other shows we can bring to you include:

  • “Celebrating the Gershwins” (3 musicians/4 performers)
  • “The Jerry Herman Songbook” (3 musicians/4 performers)
  • “A Celebration of Leonard Bernstein” (9 musicians [can be adapted]/4-5 performers plus we can work with the local choir or school choir)
  • “Look I Made a Hat: The Stephen Sondheim Songbook” (1-3 performers/3 musicians)
  • “My Life as a Therapist a la Sondheim” (my solo show about being an occupational therapist using the music of Stephen Sondheim)

We can also create shows and special musical events that meet YOUR needs or for your special people in your life.

Enjoy our sizzle reels and individual songs and we hope to hear from you.

NOTE: Pricing for all shows will fit within your budget, and we often will work for only a percentage of the box office.

Michael Pizzi
Mpizzi58@gmail.com or pzproducer58@gmail.com
20 W 64th St. Suite 17L
NY, NY 10023